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Anglo-Cathay Technology Ltd focus on the design and development of satellite communication technology, navigation system, UAV and other fields. High performance engineering team and customer-centric sales team enable us to accurately meets the R & D needs from our customers.

Our products have been widely used in communication, computing, image processing, data storage, scientific research, national defense, education, product design and other fields.


Our Services

  • Provides electrical design and manufacture of circuits for commercial satellites
  • Provides circuit design for aircraft navigation systems., circuit board maintenance and technical support
  • R & D and production of UAV , and provides design and technical support

Our Recent Projects

Satellite Image Processing Module

  • Satellite image data acquisition and processing module used in earth imaging system
  • CCD camera analogue image data
  • Compressed image data output to the next module
  • FPGA + DSP architecture to make good use of the advantages of strong algorithm ability of DSP, and fast logic operation and sequential control of FPGA
satellite image processing

Drone defender scheme for low altitude space safety

  • Target Market: Airport/Prison/High Building/Military
  • Engineering sample verification completed, while the function to be improved
  • Autonomous search and detect drone’s motion parameters including its speed, direction and range 
  • Drone defender can recognize drone’s type through AI technology

Pursue and serve the latest technology in the range of technology products and services to our customer and meet customer demands and needs.

Our Vision



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